Sunday, September 18, 2011

Victor Ortiz just got got

In one of the most bizarre moments in sporting history, Floyd Mayweather delivered his version of a "sucker punch" on a vulnerable Victor Ortiz to re-claim the WBC welterweight championship belt.

Money May fell victim to a nasty Ortiz headbutt late in the 4th round. While referee Joe Cortez called for a break, Ortiz went to Mayweather to apologize. Unfortunately for the talented and inexperienced Ortiz, his apology seemed too much that the undefeated champ found a way to knock him off his feet while the ref wasn't looking.

In the brilliant words of my current favorite WWE wrestler, Ortiz just got got! I guess it's not an unfamiliar territory for Mayweather. He did try to vouch for a pro wrestling career as he fought The Big Show at Wrestlemania 24.

While the final moments of the fight was already too good for TV, Floyd's post-match interview with HBO's Larry Merchant was the stuff of legends.

Talk about great moments in pay-per-view history. Larry Merchant is golden.

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