Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rest in Power, Mehdi!

And we lost another one.

So I got off work. Turned up my twitter and got word of, possibly, the saddest news I've heard in a while. 

Yes, it is true, DJ Mehdi aka "The French Pharrell" has passed away. He was 34.

The news got me real shook. It is both shocking and unfortunate for him to go down at a time when he is in the middle of, probably, the most exciting stretch of his career as a DJ and a producer for the world-famous Ed Banger Records. Aside from his seemingly non-stop tours all over the globe, he was always consistent in churning out the dopest remixes, as well as some of his original production. Last year, he teamed up with Riton to form Carte Blanche, a DJ-duo aimed to bring back old skool house flavor. The project was too good that it garnered considerable buzz all over the internet (and has been featured on this blog numerous times).

What separates Mehdi from the rest of his peers is his energy behind the wheels of steel. The way he moves and grooves to the beat is something I don't usually see even from the wildest of electro DJ's. Mehdi definitely put the "soul" into Dance Music, and for that, he will never be forgotten.

Rest in Power!

More on DJ Mehdi tomorrow. As for now, I suggest you check out his awesome blog. Definitely one of the coolest as it has been well-maintained despite his busy touring sked.

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