Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sneakerhead, meet Jordan Michael Geller

How do you define a "sneakerhead"?

Is it all about the quantity of pairs that one should own? Is sneaker collecting all about rareness of one's pairs, or what we refer to now as "exclusives" or "1-of-1's"? Are you still considered a sneakerhead if you wear your collectibles on the daily commute?

For sure, there are many definitions into the word, but let me present to you the case of one Jordan Geller. He started collecting (and selling on eBay) vintage Nike sneakers through swap meets with a $300 budget. Fast forward to now, he has amassed a collection at an estimated amount of about 2,000 pairs of Nike kicks. Some vintage and some totally hard-to-find, while others readily available at local stores.

But here's the catch: this isn't his "personal" collection, mind you. Geller, wanting to share his sneaker story to the world, assembled this massive collection into a warehouse and made it into an exhibit of sorts. Aptly, he calls it the "ShoeZeum", where he is also the curator.

In this video, you'll get a comprehensive 11-minute tour of the ShoeZeum (2,000 pairs and all), with no less than Geller taking you for a part-educational, part mind-boggling ride.

Whether or not you think Geller is a genuine "sneakerhead", is up to you to decide. However, what he has contributed to the world of athletic footwear is both undeniable and indelible.

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