Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vids from the Smart Ultimate All Star Weekend

Kobe Doin' Work in Manila (photo from

Needless to say, last weekend's Ultimate All Star Weekend was one not to be missed. And despite the very short notice of the event and the madness that was the nationwide ticket-hunt that naturally followed, me and my pals were able to score seats, albeit a few rows higher than desired.

Despite that, we were able to bask in the glory of being at THE basketball capital of the world (for two days, at least) and see true NBA stars in the flesh performing massive dunks that we only see previously on a TV screen, with video game controllers on our hands.

And despite the rowdiness of our section (one that rivals that of unruly football fans), I was able to take videos:


Kevin Durant's familiar step-back J... in back-to-back fashion!

James Harden and Chris Paul hitting the racks at the Halftime 3 pt. Shootout

BONUS (not my vids): Plays of the Night... Kobe to D-Rose, then KD to The Beard!

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