Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dat New New: Wee Da Bess

Alright! Since I wasn't able to make my April '11 mixtape and it's obviously too darn late to do so, let me make up to y'all by posting TEN (10) stand-out tracks at the end of the month as this blog's upcoming April-May 2011 mixtape. How's that?

Meanwhile, here's something new from DJ Khaled. Yep, that annoying-as-hell "DJ". Dude came through on this one, though, through the aid of his longtime comrades, Rick Ross, Drake and Lil' Wayne. Solid beat, not to mention less Khaled-ness on this track, too. For all the hip-hop fiends out there.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Khaled Feat. Rick Ross, Drake and Lil' Wayne - I'm On One

BONUS: possibly the closest thing that I've seen Khaled "DJ-ing" lol :p
My name is DJ Khaled. I can scratch. Just not on my records.

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