Tuesday, February 1, 2011

adidas x TiteFit All-Star Jerseys

Oh look, the 2010-'11 All-Star Game jerseys are out!These are actually the All-Star versions of the adidas TechFit compression undergarments worn by NBA players such as Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose (pictured). Good move, although I do not think Kobe Bryant would approve of it.

This could very well be a sign of changes that are going to happen in the NBA, garment-wise. As of this season, adidas has been pushing for a slimmer fit when it comes to the official game jerseys, particularly with the release of the Revolution 30 technology. I guess it's safe to say that we will be seeing a more tailored approach to basketball apparel in the years going forward.

Although, I gotta admit, these tight-fit jerseys look like those of the Australian Women's Basketball squad aka The Opals:

Therefore, Lauren Jackson approves! Sorry Kobe.

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