Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crossed off the T-shirt grail list...

Posting my first blog of the year with my very first pickup of the year: a New York Yankees team shirt, with second baseman Robinson Cano's name & jersey number at the back.
Cano had a breakout season last year, finishing with 200 hits and 109 RBI's. Also, he finished 2010 with an MLB-best fielding percentage of .996 and made it to the 2010 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Despite having big-name teammates such as Mariano Rivera, Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, Cano, in my opinion, was the best player in that Yankees squad all year.
Unfortunately, coming off a World Series victory in 2009, the Yanks lost out to the Texas Rangers in last year's American League Championship Series, 4-2. Goodluck to Cano and "the most hated team in baseball" in 2011!

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