Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tha Links: "Don Cheadle time!"

Top links of the week, featuring an American holiday like no other. Nope, it ain't Thanksgiving!

New Media PH: The history of the ruckus that is Black Friday.
Complex: Project Runaway, featuring Kanye West and the much-anticipated "album of the year".
ESPN: Blake Griffin is THE REAL DEAL, folks!
Hackenslash: Zynga settles suit against Playdom. Gahd, I love nerd-wars!
TIME: Kate Middleton's see-through dress being sold for $150,000. If that ain't funny enough...
Press Association: Royal wedding to be screened in 3-D. Pixar, eat you digitally-pixelized heart out!
Y! Music: Axl Rose sues Guitar Hero. Nicki Minaj makes a cameo of sorts.
GQ: 10 reasons why Justin Bieber -- apparently -- styles on most men.

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