Friday, November 5, 2010

NU 107's Last Goodbye

It is, indeed, unbelievable that, in a couple of days, the Philippines' beloved rock station, NU 107 will sign off the air for good.

I started listening to NU during the raprock explosion of the late 90's. It gave me my daily dose of Slapshock-esque music and beyond. It introduced me to new bands and new music. NU is, in my opinion, what a radio station should be: playing real music from real musicians for real music lovers.

No doubt, I am still in shock about what's been happening. NU always had a following, from real rock 'n roll heads to all-music appreciators like yours truly. This will be a great loss for Pinoy music, especially given the fact that they've been breaking upstart bands that has become top-selling superstars in their own right (from P.O.T. to Orange And Lemons and Sponge Cola). Radio will never be the same again after NU signs off, that's for sure.

But at any rate, thank you NU 107 for being our home of new rock for the last 20+ years. Please do get the hell out on Sunday like a motherfucker!

I remember this song being on the Midnight Countdown for almost two years. An unbelievable feat.

This song also had a considerable number of week's stay on the countdown. Too bad this was the only good song from Maynard James Keenan's "other band".

I remember I was so happy when this song made it to number one.

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