Thursday, September 9, 2010

True to Size?

Everyone loves wearing denim from popular American brands like The Gap and Calvin Klein. And while we do have outlets of some of these brands here in Manila, price and (sometimes) quality discrepancies make a lot of us order abroad instead, whether through relatives or through the internet.

The method is very effective. Saves you some money and, most of the time, gives you better quality. However, it does not assure that you'll be getting the correct size. Some denim brands offer jeans that are too tight for your size. Others, on the other hand, are so loose that you'd look like a South Park character in it.

Thankfully, there's this "chart" from Esquire Magazine. In a way, it answers the question "how true is true-to-size?".

Basically, it just says how clothing brands differ in terms of size accuracy. If you want a more snug fit, go to an H&M outlet. Consequently, if you want to make yourself feel better by cheating on your actual waistline (like I did many times in the past), then Old Navy is the place to go.

But the trick, of course, is to go to a store and try the jeans yourself. I believe that it'll save you a lot more than ordering abroad. Because a humongous discount don't really matter if the jeans do not fit, right?

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