Monday, September 6, 2010

On the Jordan CMFT's

Jordan Brand is about to release their spankin'-new CMFT shoe, and while internet enthusiasts have come to love the sneaker despite being under the brand's dreaded "fusion" line, I can't help but think about the methods of research that the Oregon-based company goes through with every release. Seems like everything's a hybrid these days. For sure, people will like it, others will not, but have we seen the last of Nike/Jordan's original designs? Is this how we're gonna see the brand going forward?

The question here is not about its looks. As a fan of the Air Max 1 and the Jordan XI, I gotta say, can't hate those who'd be able to cop the CMFT's. But at the same time, both shoes have a different history, and therefore, different stories behind it. I think putting them together as a hybrid just doesn't cut it.

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