Sunday, September 5, 2010

Music Moment: The Peter Cetera Effect

Sometimes, you never get to appreciate how good an old song is until someone else sings it for you. In my case, Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love", a known jeepney anthem (ask the drivers about it!), was sung at my uncle's wedding last weekend on the piano by none other than Jazz Nicolas, vocalist/drummer for the Itchyworms and, apparently, a friend of the newlyweds.

His rendition of the theme from The Karate Kid II (Ralph Macchio, not Jaden Smith) was really awesome. I was so inspired that I wanted to practice it at home. Unfortunately, I have zero knowledge when it comes to playing the piano or, for that matter, any other musical instrument. Also doesn't help that we do not own any musical instrument at home.

However, It's good that we have the internet, so I could put Peter Cetera's Ellen Degeneres-like face in here for everyone to see as tonight's Music Moment.

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