Monday, September 20, 2010


The past week had been really slow, as I have been working on a side-hustle mostly at the comfort of my own four-cornered room. While I experienced not-so-pleasant stuff while I was at it (has something to do with putting up events for October), I love how we are progressing with them projects.

Anyhow, started my weekend early with a run at The Fort. I had to drive for 45 mins just to get there, but methinks this is still the best place to run as it has probably the cleanest air in all of dirty Metro Manila.

Took this pic as we were looking at The Fort as a possible venue for the aforementioned event that we are working on. I envisioned this exact space as the venue, however, I was surprised to see it filled with grass (as well as some Frisbee being played on it). Not a good sign for holding a car race-themed event.
Now let me have a little rant: I really hate it when people display their expensive rare-breed-whatever dogs up in Boni High Street and letting them poop everywhere without even cleaning it. How irresponsible! I know BHS is the most pet-friendly area around, but these pet owners should give courtesy to all those humans who actually make BHS the most pet-friendly area around by bringing necessary dog-poop cleaning materials as avoiding the human propensity to step on dog schitt.


Went to MOA at lunchtime with the fam. Parents had to meet up with a friend/business partner, while me & my sister went around. It was sale day, so there were tons of people.

Also, there was a concert being held at the concert grounds. And since we were talking about dog poop early on...

Wearing my trusty (but really old) "Dot Pack" AM 1's. Really have to get new kicks before the year ends...

My trip at Topman marks the return of the "skinny-people shirt"... The Zara one wasn't a great fit, but this shorter-sleeved one was better, not to mention the fact that it has greater quality. Still on the fence on shirts like these, though...

Lastly, I got the new Samsung CHAMP over the weekend for free. I really hate touchscreen phones, and this one isn't the friendliest off all touch phones. Also hate the fact that its internet settings are only limited to GPRS and WAP, and not Wi-Fi. That sucks!

But it does look cool, and I'm getting the hang of this touch-texting thing, too. Plus, I finally got rid of my old and ragged Nokia. That alone made me a happy camper for this one.

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