Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The first day of September. Started the day as early as 5 am. Had to go up north for a copy exam. Ah, the exciting and sometimes frustrating life of a fresh grad.

The test lasted 5 hours (YEP!!). Anyways, went to Shang for a quick lunch and to go around for a bit.

Foodcourts FTW! 70 bucks gets you a decent enough Sisig and a cup of rice. Needs more chilli, though. Then again, 70 bucks...

After lunch... wasn't too steezy today. Wrong shoes, I guess...

Tried something out at The Gap. Me thinks their stuff here is way overpriced.

Lots of CDG at Homme et Femme

Nike Hyperfuse. When it comes to playing ball, I have been out of commission for months. If I have a pair just like these, I might wanna get out and play everyday. Butter!

I was about to head back, but I saw some dope stuff at Zara. That doesn't happen all the time, so I stopped by before leaving. These desert boots are marvelito...

So was this hoodie. So I tried it out.

Detailed pic...

Unfortunately... me needs to lose more weight before taking on skinny-people clothes like this haha!


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