Monday, August 30, 2010

Dat New New: Monster

Justin Vernon, an indie-folk musician, walks into Kanye West at a studio in Hawaii.

Kanye: "Hey man, I'm a big fan of your stuff! I'd like to work with you on a track... I've been workin' with Jay on this... and 'Imma put you with Ricky Ross and Nicki Minaj in this joint, 'ya heard?. Dude, it's gonna be the bomb!"

Justin: "Sure. Let's do it!"

And so they did. Ye laid out the beat, then spit a verse. Jay-Z spit his. Officer Rick Ross dropped a line, and so was Nicki Minaj. The final piece was completed when Vernon, front man for internet favorites Bon Iver, put in work for a track so seemingly humongous it was entitled "Monster".

Part of Mr. West's string of Friday releases, there's zero info yet on whether this would end up being included on Kanye's upcoming album. At any rate, listen and enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West Ft. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Justin Vernon - Monster

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