Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Started the day with a stop at my mom's office. Wonder why her piggy bank never gets rich...

As usual, read the sports page. Benilde won yesterday, so they ended up with a front-page photo as a prize.

Nice foul/block, Alex! Haha!

Headed over to Raon. If you're looking for cheap, loud-ass speakers for your home/car (or if you're into hosting Wowowee-type variety shows in your locality), then this is the place.

Make sure you have those surround-sound speakers tested before you pay for them. They have classic George Estregan and Pacquito Diaz DVD's on site to help you out!

A trip to Quiapo cannot end without a stop at Ma Mon Luk. People kept on telling me that this particular branch has been closed for months. Um, does this look "closed" to you?

The main event...

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